We are a local Veteran owned, company who respect those who serve. We are based in Loveland, CO, but we grew up in the Denver car scene. Vehicles have given us the opportunity to start our own club called Hooniez, which gave us the platform to show off our passion. We have raced at the track, and shown off our cars at shows. Not only do we like fast vehicles, but we like to detail and clean them to perfection as well. Ever since we were kid's we loved to see vehicles pop-out in all elements. Now we want to share our love and passion with others giving you all the Royal product and experience you deserve. So, feel free to look at what we have to offer and/ or schedule an appointment to receive the Royal experience you and your vehicle have longed for.

Thank you for reading our Bio and God bless.

    • Mycah (MJ) Coronado

      Owner/Hooniez Team Lead

      This Guy right here is a ride or die, bad boy for life. He's a hustler, and a determined minded individual if he can't figure it out he will find a way to do so. Mycah runs the social media pages, and keeps us going. You will catch him detailing cars from time to time or hitting you up for solution sampling.

    • Stephen (Stee-Lo) Lopez

      Owner/Hooniez Team Lead

      Stee-Lo Runs the detailing side of the house and can get you hooked up right. Stee-lo is who you would call our wild child. He never starts something if he's not willing to finish it. He has everyone's back on the team, and will never back down from a challenge. He cares about his family more than anything, and loves working on his car with his kids. So let him know if you have specific wants and needs for your detail, and he will get you right.

    • Maeghan (glimeg) Rossin

      Event Coordinator

      Meg is our lady power house, and you may see her well known GLI Meg. She has been in the car scene for a long time. She would help her dad work in the garage, and she aspires to be a well known show car here in Colorado. She is also the event coordinator for both Hooniez, and Mile High Royalty. If you are trying to know when, and where to be she is the one to go to.

    • Jessi (Jess) Lopez

      Jess is the behind the scene girl. She loves to go to car shows, and car meets that are kid friendly of course. She gets out as much as she possibly can. She is the biggest supporter here. Jess handles the day to day deliveries, orders, and scheduling. So if you're trying to buy cleaning solutions or get your whip in for some state-of-the-art detailing let her know.

    • Hershal (Mr. Vicious) Johnson

      Hooniez Team Lead

      Mr. Vicious has a vision for the team, and definitely keeps to it. He is one of the most loyal people we have ever friended, and we deeply respect him. He will throw down for team right or wrong. Mr. Vicious is our Hooniez Team Lead so if you need help on something he is always willing to help. Spark a conversation and have a chat!

    • Jayden (Jay) Mayoral

      Hooniez Team-Recruiter

      Jay is a fun guy to hang around, and cruise with. If you hear music you can best believe Jay is there, and definitely loves some good food. Jay is our Hooniez recruiter so if you're trying to join the team, and move up in the ranks he's your guy.

    • Allen (Pacman) Johnson

      Hooniez 910 Team-Lead

      Allen is one of the original members of Hooniez 303, and has now moved to the 910 with his family. He is looking to grow the chapter out there whenever he gets the time, and gets settled in. Allen is one of the most kind, and relaxed people you will ever meet. If you have questions, and live in the 910 area give him a shout!

    • Jordan (Jagg) Jagger

      Hooniez Team Photographer

      Jordan (Jagg) Jagger is one of the original Hooniez team leads, and has had to step back for personal reasons. He is still part of our team, and enjoys coming around when he can. He is the official Hooniez and Mile High Royalty Photographer, so if you have an idea hit him up and see if he can schedule you in. Or if you're at one of our events he will be there to get great photos.