Detailing Services

We offer six different types of detailing services for your vehicle. All prices vary based on inspection.

Royal Interior Services

Our Royal Interior is what you're looking for in an interior cleaning. We get it back to when you first bought the vehicle. We vacuum all debris big and small then we wipe up mud and dirt, we will the shampoo and clean all fabric material and get in the nooks and crannies that are widely overlooked like the Bermuda triangle between the seat and center console, we get the shifter boot and steering wheel boot too. We steam clean the steering wheel and shifter knobs. the vents will be dusted, and debris removed. We then put on a polish and UV protectant solution, so you get that shiny look. We also clean all your windows with are streak free solution and the sun won't crack your interior. Last but not least, we will add a fragrance of your choosing, which will last up to sixty days enough time for your next cleaning.


Royal Car Wash

With our Royal wash and wax you get a full exterior service which includes High foam with wax additive dried to a shine, wheel clean and shine plus a high brake dust build up remover.


Advanced Detailing Services

Our Advanced detail is a good price for someone wanting to get the ends and outs of their vehicle cleaned and shined up. Our process for this is to first wash the exterior clean the rims and removes some of that hard break dust, then will rinse and blow dry the vehicle, after we will enter the vehicle and vacuum all visible and big pieces of debris, we will then work on all the cracks and creases that over time collect dust and dirt, like your door panels, shifter area, steering wheel and vents. We will wipe everything down with a surface cleaner and follow up with a interior Detailer solution.


Premium Detailing Services

Our Premium Detailing Service Comes with everything you would get with the Advanced Detailing, plus a high foam wash to get small and big specs, it will be air dried and a Hydrophobic layer applied after the wash to keep water beading off your Vehicle. We will vacuum all interior and floorboards, we will follow that up with a shampooing of the carpet and extraction of the dirt making your car looking brand new.


Royal Detailing Services

With are Royal Detailing Services you will get everything the other two services off plus wash and wax followed by an iron remover and clay bar towel scrub. After this is complete your Vehicle will be blow dried and we will put on a short-term ceramic coating which will approximately last a year. We will then go to your interior of the vehicle and do everything mentioned in our other services, followed up with a scent spray of your choosing. We will also offer a glass ceramic which will last about 6months to 10,000 miles at no extra charge.


Royal Majesty Detailing Services

Our Royal Majesty Detailing Service offers not only the Advance Detailing, Premium Detailing, and Royal Detailing Service add-ons. We include a great three-year ceramic coating to give your vehicle a layer of protection definitely needed in Colorado. We Make sure that all debris, dirt and dust is not anywhere on the vehicle. We clean rims to a shine and dressing to the tires. We include a vehicle polish to make sure your vehicle is scratch free and then add ceramic. This service requires an eight-hour window, and we will be only working on your vehicle until completion of service.