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Grays Peak Detailer+Graphine

Grays Peak Detailer+Graphine

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Grays Peak Detailer+Graphene is our best Detailer. Grays Peak advanced technology adds additional resins, microemulsions, and other additives including the same graphene-oxide ceramic resins that go into the bottled top coats. This has allowed the formula to gain additional durability and detergency resistance to keep it relative with the ever expanding technologies currently available on the market. By including these new choice additives,  Grays Peak  is easy to apply and less prone to streaking and leaves the surface extremely hydrophobic and highly slick and glossy. Use standalone or as a quarterly detailer as part of a coating maintenance regimen.

DIRECTIONS: Fold a quality microber towel into eights
and spray one mist of the product onto the microber
face and one to two sprays onto a panel. Wipe the
product into the panel in a cross-hatch pattern with
overlap. Open the towel up to a fresh face and buff to a
high gloss. Repeat on each panel of paintwork, exterior
glass, plastics, and headlights/tailights.

Grays Peak is the tenth-highest summit of the Rocky Mountains of North America and the U.S. state of Colorado. The prominent 14,278-foot fourteener is the highest summit of the Front Range and the highest point on the Continental Divide and the Continental Divide Trail in North America

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