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Mt Massive Premium tire dressing

Mt Massive Premium tire dressing

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Mount Massive premium tire dressing keeps your tires clean and fresh. Mt Massive generates a deep black, like new tire appearance within a no sling formulation.
Mt massive has been formulated to contain graphene-oxide modied ceramic resins that allow for a curing characteristic to lock out water and other contaminants.

DIRECTIONS: Clean and prepare tire to receive
dressing. Spray several mists directly onto the tires
and onto a tire dressing applicator of choice. Work
to level the product evenly into the treads, face,
lettering and tire details in a clockwise and
counter-clockwise fashion, changing directions
periodically. Allow the dressing to dry for 10-15
minutes and wipe down any excess while ensuring
no residual product is left on the rims.

Mount Massive is the second-highest summit of the Rocky Mountains of North America and the U.S. state of Colorado.

Elevation: 14,429′

Prominence: 1,959′

First ascent: 1873

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