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Pikes Peak Streakless Glass Cleaner

Pikes Peak Streakless Glass Cleaner

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Our Pikes Peak Glass Cleaner is a modern glass cleaner that contains the same active in topical glass sealants to create a combination of cleaning and protection. Repeated usage of Pikes Peak will result in easier subsequent cleanings and leaves the glass slick and smooth. Does not contain ammonia or other corrosive surfactants.

DIRECTIONS: Spray on glass, mirrors,
chrome and hard surfaces. Wipe with clean,
lint-free toweling.


Pikes Peak is the highest summit of the southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in North America. The ultra-prominent 14,115-foot fourteener is located in Pike National Forest, 12 miles west of downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. The town of Manitou Springs lies at its base. 

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